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Manufacture SETS – Uninterrupted supply of alternative electricity

We are a dynamic team, qualified and professional that wants to bring the Romanian and international market sets high quality sheet metal assemblies and the pipe made with the latest technology.
Baykal CNC punching machine BMPT
Storage has 20 tools of which 7 indexable. The maximum length of punching without reposition of 2500×1500 is ideal for medium and large series production.
Guillotine shears
Is a cutting machine guillotine CNC sheet that provides maximum cutting length of 3000 mm and thickness of 6 mm max.
CNC pipe bending machine CANS
It has maximum bending length of 5000 mm and a maximum diameter of Ø50.
CNC bending machine type abkant Baykal APHS
It can be used for bending sheet metal maximum length 3000 mm to 6 mm thick.
200t hydraulic press Hidroliksan
Shaping allows the average depth (200-300 mm) and large (300-500 mm) and are equipped with hydraulic puller to remove the drawn preform mold with PLC control and ram travel is adjustable.
Hydraulic machine rolling sheet
Rolling hydraulic machine has three cylinders and a hydraulic drive rollers. To operate this machine is a control command that controls its operations.

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GETEQA Factory

We launched on the Romanian market after multiple requests for sets (generators). We want to offer our customers high quality products to have confidence that achieves a productive investment. We manage to achieve these goals thanks to the professional team, ulilajelor and equipment of last generation such as: CNC cutting, bending and punching sheet, press hidrauilica 200 tons, CNC machines for cutting and bending pipes, equipment complex welding in a protected environment and welding continuing pressure roller, paint electrostatic ultramodern assembly lines and sophisticated testing equipment, large test chamber at low temperatures, electrical wiring machines Matisse and many others. Additional production sets, due to the flexibility of the factory, the product range will be completed with the production of reciprocating compressors and pumps for irrigation. Another sector will be completed by sheet metal assemblies and the pipe. Due to the growing portfolio and the volume of production, factory GETEQA looking to hire qualified workers and performers in the field of sheet metal.

Geteqa plant construction